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Jewish Book Carnival

Welcome to the August Jewish Book Carnival

Jewish book carnival

There are lots of cool and refreshing choices to help beat the summer heat dulldrums

On My  Machberet, Erika Dreifus shares fond memories of a beloved book from childhood:   Habibi and Yow: A Little Boy and His Dog, by Althea O. Silverman.

Our favorite Boston  Bibliophile, reviews The Elected Member, by Bernice Rubens, a Booker-Prize-winner  about a Jewish family.

Amy Meltzer reviews a “not your average” Alef-Bet book by  Michelle Edwards at Kveller

For all you Potter-heads (me included!) JPS rounds up a bunch of links on the question: “Is  Harry Potter Jewish?”

It’s not too late for a great summer mystery – Jonathan Kirsch reviews The  Honored Dead by Joseph Braude at the Jewish  Journal

The Jewish Book Council Blog features an article by Melissa Fay Greene on Raising  an Ethiopian Jewish child in Georgia.

Over at the Whole Megilla, Barbara Krasner offers a video  of the Editors Roundtable from the Second Annual Highlights Foundation Workshop   on Writing Jewish-themed Children’s Books with Margery Cuyler, Publisher of   Marshall Cavendish Children’s Books/Shofar Books as well as a review   of a YA/middle school boy lit! Beyond Lucky by Sarah Aronson

Not your typical summer reading – Ann Koffsky ruminates on kid-lit and shares her Thoughts  on Tisha b’Av & Books

Over at the The  Book of Life, Heidi Estrin interviews Joan Leegant about her novel Wherever  You Go

Linda K.  Wertheiner offers some literary tips on handling Shabbat services with a toddler at her blog the Jewish  Muse.

And for those who have spent their summer writing, Yotzeret Publishing offers  some suggestions on polishing your transcript with some lessons  from Dr. Seuss

Many of us attended a baseball game or 2 this summer – Kathe Pinchuck not only attended but was truly inspired in Life is like a Library.

Enjoy this great assortment of blogs and stop by and leave the authors a comment!

Jewish Book Carnival

Are you boggled and bewildered by the number of blogs out there in cyberspace? The Jewish Book Carnival rounds up great links about Jewish books, arts and culture.  Each month, a different blog hosts the carnival.  Check out this month’s Carnival at the Jewish Publication  Society.