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Die aramäistische Forschung seit Fr. Rosenthal’s Veröffentlichungen

This is a note to advise readers of a relatively new 250-page survey of Aramaic studies that they might have missed: one that might well be so entitled.  In his weighty volume Semitic Linguistics in Historical Perspective, Orientalia Lovaniensia Analecta 230 (Peeters, 2014), Edward Lipiński devotes the lion’s share to the various Aramaic dialects, reviewing both the history of scholarship on the major works in each dialect as well as linguistic studies.  Basically a collection of course notes assembled over 40 and more years of teaching, it not surprisingly omits some of the more detailed recent scholarship in the individual fields and often tends to over-emphasize publications that may not quite merit the value he ascribes to them, but it surely can serve as an introduction to the field to non-specialists and as useful reading material for classes taught by specialists.

As always, we invite specialists’ comments on the publication.